Embark on a luxurious journey through the many temptations of Hamlet chocolate products.

Enjoy the rich aromas of these top creations.Taste our chocolates, let a creamy truffle melt in your mouth, crack crunchy chocolate chips, discover our unique figurines with hazelnut filling, enrich your dessert with a delicious hot chocolate sauce or meet our artfully decorated hollows.

In 1956, the story of Hamlet started with Alfred Geltmeyer. Operating out of a small bakery in the centre of Vrasene (Belgium), he started a small-scale wholesale sweets business. When his three children joined the company, they chose to expand it with the company’s own chocolate-producing facility.

Nowadays, all Hamlet employees share the same passion: offering you the most delicious chocolates and sweets.
Every single day.

Belgian chocolate products are unrivalled in their quality and diversity. Discover these delicious products ranging from a rich choice of Belgian chocolates, truffles, and praline filled figures, to crispy chocolate chips, the most delicious melting chocolate and beautifully decorated chocolate figurines. All these items are made of 100% Belgian chocolate. This is how Hamlet contributes to the Belgian chocolate tradition!